Will vinyl siding fade?

All vinyl siding will fade, but you probably won't detect much difference for the first 10 to 15 years. Manufacturer warranties rarely cover natural discoloration from sunlight.

Will vinyl siding fade?

All vinyl siding will fade, but you probably won't detect much difference for the first 10 to 15 years. Manufacturer warranties rarely cover natural discoloration from sunlight. Talk to your local coating contractor about solutions, such as replacing vinyl siding. The most common type of coating that experiences discoloration is vinyl.

Vinyl siding will fade after years of being exposed to UV rays and the elements such as rain and snow. The sun's rays will deteriorate the color of vinyl siding and other things, such as boats or jungle gyms that stay outside for a long time. Vinyl siding will eventually fade, but usually only a little. If you're not satisfied with the less-than-vibrant color, consider adding a coat of latex exterior paint, which flexes according to the expansion and contraction of the coating.

These are the two questions that always arise when we talk about the dark colors of vinyl siding. Don't worry, we're stepping up our game to keep up with the trends towards bolder tones. Our colorfast technology ensures that your luxurious color retains its deep tone for 25 years. And to counteract the fact that dark colors absorb more heat, we have developed our Helios technology that disperses heat absorption, so both your coating and your home will not be affected by the intense heat of the sun.

The main complaint with dark vinyl siding is that its color fades faster and noticeably than its light-colored counterparts. Because of this, it may require more consistent maintenance or replacements. However, all of this depends on the amount of sun that reaches your home and the brand of siding you choose. If your house is surrounded by trees, for example, you might not see these effects activate as quickly.

In addition, choosing a brand of coatings with a no-fade guarantee can also ensure that your home maintains that attractive, deep color for years to come. In the past, vinyl siding was made of polyvinyl chloride, a material that discolored dark colors. The current coating is composed of acrylic, which resists damage from the elements and therefore maintains its intense color longer. The entire coating fades to a certain extent.

After 10 to 15 years, loss of original color may be significant, depending on weather conditions. Dark colors such as red tend to fade more than lighter colors when exposed to constant sunlight, according to the VinylSidingSource website. Excessive discoloration may be covered by the manufacturer within the warranty period. Vinyl siding discoloration is not uncommon and you are likely to have some type of coverage under your warranty, to some extent.

Because vinyl siding is known to experience color fading, homeowners might worry about how much their red vinyl siding will fade over time. Some manufacturers, such as Mastic, offer vinyl siding that can withstand wind speeds of up to 240 mph. Vinyl siding is available in a wide variety of colors, from classic neutrals to bold reds, blues and greens. are light in color, choosing a dark vinyl siding can work to add contrast, resulting in a beautiful sense of dimension.

A robust and thick vinyl siding type will be more resistant to fading, as it has absorbed more color during the manufacturing process. MAINTENANCE Although often touted as maintenance free, vinyl siding requires some occasional work. The elements are what primarily cause the colors of your vinyl siding to fade, with direct sunlight being the most damaging. Although vinyl siding has drainage holes for water and allows air to circulate behind it, it's never a good idea to wet wood outside your home.

Just like when you wear a black shirt in summer, the dark vinyl siding will absorb heat from the sun and keep it inside your home. In addition, a better quality vinyl siding will also be manufactured with fade resistant material, which can greatly increase the time the coating will retain its original appearance. These beautiful, deep vinyl siding colors are backed by the industry's best guarantee against fading and heat distortion. Vinyl siding panels hang from these rails, so they can expand and contract freely throughout the year with temperature fluctuations.

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